Tobias Valerian

Order Vanguard, Feyborn Avenger


Race: Eladrin
Age: 24
Class: Avenger (Pursuer type)
Weapon: Frostbourne Katana, Aecris, Vicious Shortsword

Concept Art


At the age of 16, he was drafted into the local military. His first mission ended with his unit wiped out by Followers of Orcus. He would have met the same fate of his comrades if it weren’t for some monk followers of the Raven Queen. They rescued him and nursed him back to health. For the next seven years, he was trained in their secret sect of “Reapers,” where he gained his skills as an Avenger. When his superiors sensed a disturbance in the Shadowfell, he and the rest of the Reapers were sent out to quell the source.

Tobias has learned much from his travels, and although he was forced to kill his resurrected old friend Lloyd to end his suffering as an undead, he has been grateful for what he has learned about the world, and still has a part of his master always with him in the form of his mentor’s raven familiar, Marty. But he knows that it’s not his purpose to learn: his duty is to that of the Raven Queen, and thus his journeys continue.

Tobias Valerian

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